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rivelata CR!

Basch fon Ronsenburg


He really liked working for him, even if he'd never say it. It was cool pretending he was responsible enough to have a real job, and even better to see how far he could push Basch with his ridiculous antics without getting fired. Basch actually impressed him a little with his patience, too. He'd get back onto his good side if he thought he could, but has resigned himself to that being impossible. Another thing he'd never ever admit: it was seeing Basch turn against him too that made him give in without (much of) a fight when he was arrested.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

[DC Animated]

Jan has the same sort of fascination with that elusive figure of Batman that one might have throwing rocks at a dragon's lair. The urge to terrorize is strong, but so is the suspicion that he could get his ass pretty well kicked if he pushed too far. Which wouldn't stop him if he got the chance, of course.

Gabriel 'Sylar' Gray


He's pretty interested in Sylar, if just because he's a serial killer, and how cool is that. If Sylar ever went after someone Jan actually liked his opinion would change, but for now he's totally chill and finds him even kind of funny.

Galatea/Sister Latea


A little wary of her, has the distinct feeling she could snap him like a twig. Is kind of turned on by that, and maybe it's just a natural lack of a self-preservation instinct, but the urge to annoy is strong.

Jilly Coppercorn

[Dreams Underfoot]

Really strangely grateful for being treated as a semi-normal person by her during their snowball fight, even if Roy came and ruined everything. He likes her, especially for that last snowball she chucked at Roy, but would probably never admit to it.

Karin Maaka

[Chibi Vampire/Karin]

Trying to leave her alone since quitting and taking up eating people again -- that's not something he wants her anywhere near, so he figures the best way to keep her out is to pretend she doesn't exist. Would be protective of her if he saw her in any sort of trouble, though. He's also a little disappointed to keep her at such an arm's length, and he's usually pleased for the chance to talk to her, but for the most part he sticks to the avoidance tactics.



Reminds him oddly of Futaba. She's a little too cute to push away, but she's awfully easy to teach horrible vocabulary for. He'd stand up for her if he really had to, but he'd much rather leave that mushy shit to Lyle. They like each other more, and that's perfectly fine with him.

Lyle Dylandy

[Gundam 00]

The first actual friend he made in Rivelata, he's ridiculously fond of him. A pretty bromancy relationship, and Jan would really do a lot for him if he needed it. A little uncomfortable taking blood from him because it reminds him of Dick, but in this case it's pretty clearly offered out of friendship rather than pity, so he's getting over it.

Miranda Lotto

[D. Gray Man]

She's amusing. She's great to terrorize, funny because she seems to keep talking to him, and sometimes even interesting to talk to. Sometimes. Mostly he keeps her around because he's never seen someone so easy to scare.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing


Since having squeezed an apology out for him, Jan likes him in a it's my eternal goal to drive you insane sort of way. He'd actually count him as a friend though, and doesn't really care if Dick feels the same or not. Not to mention they are BROTHERS IN AWKWARDNESS after that mistletoe experience. (He might even consider calling off the whole 'eating people' thing for him, but he'd never give up attacking them, and might even use it as a way to grab Dick's attention just for shits and giggles.)



Maybe the only kid Jan actually likes. Maybe because she's silent. (Or maybe because she laughs at him rather than being terrified by him, that helps.) He likes having her around, and likes even more than he can make fun of her all he wants and all she can do is puff out her cheeks and flutter her wings. He'd feel protective if she was ever in any danger, though.

King Alastair


OH HATE HATE SO MUCH HATE RAAAGGEEE. He beat him up. ;; AND made him stop killing! Oh he'd rip this throat out if he could.

Apollow Mustow

[Original Character]

He's more than a little impressed/turned on by her, since chicks that are nearly as violent/malevolent as him are pretty rare, and might just be a little awed by her. Regards her as a decidedly hot 'one of the boys', and she's definitely his favorite fuckbuddy on the island.

Ba'astkioni Ijaba

[Original Character]

He's developed a weird sort of affection for her to add onto the weird sort of friendship they had at first (not that he'd ever admit it, or even want to think about it). He'd LOVE to do her again, but it's pretty fine with him that she's taken and won't let him. She's a good friend too, after all. He'd do a lot for her, and make sure to bitch the entire time.


[Original Character]

He likes whores! And since Chataya is a whore, he likes her. He doesn't go out of his way to be nice or polite, but the scorn that some people give ladies of the night is absolutely absent. She's just another person to him, and is treated accordingly.

Tim Drake/Robin

[DC Animated]

Fighting him was fun, and he wouldn't be opposed to doing it again! Probably wouldn't kill him if he had the chance because the kid has so much guts, but would definitely be pleased to beat the shit out of him.
An uneasy truce after giving him Nightwing's costume back; he really didn't want to show that little tiny part of himself to anyone. But he'd still love to pretend it never happened with a good brawl.

Roy Harper/Arsenal


Somehow understands that Roy's getting him thrown in the slammer was a good thing, maybe even for Jan himself -- but it's not going to stop him from making a good, solid attempt to kick his ass if he ever gets the chance. (Miiiighht not kill him though, if he got that chance. There's no reason to outright hate him, after all.)



Another someone he regards warily but can't resist taunting, but in this case, since her last attempt at beating him up, he's pretty sure she wouldn't actually be able to kill him. She'd just probably kick his ass pretty hard (which is all the hotter, really).

Tamaki Suou

[Ouran High School Host Club]

Likes him! It's his goal to make Tamaki start swearing. JUST A LITTLE. JUST TRY IT. He's also great for poking fun at when Jan's not in a good mood.


[Good Omens]

Another one of those hot chicks that could easily kick his ass, and Jan appreciates her just as much as the rest. ♥ It really doesn't factor in at all for him that she helped get him arrested.

[Code thanks to thegamehiker, with a little tweaking!]
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